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The Palmerston Mole Scan Clinic offers same-day appointments for individuals who are concerned about a mole on their body. If you have any worries or suspicions about a particular mole, you can visit the clinic to have it examined promptly.

At the clinic, they utilize specialized equipment and expertise to conduct mole scans and assessments. This typically involves using advanced imaging techniques, such as dermoscopy, to examine the mole in detail. Dermoscopy allows for a magnified and enhanced view of the mole, enabling the healthcare professionals to assess its characteristics and identify any concerning features.

During your visit, the healthcare professionals at the Palmerston Mole Scan Clinic will carefully evaluate the mole and provide you with an immediate analysis. If necessary, they may recommend further diagnostic tests or suggest treatment options based on their assessment.

By offering same-day appointments, the clinic aims to provide timely care and address any concerns you may have about a mole. It is essential to have any suspicious moles examined promptly to ensure early detection and appropriate management, if required.

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